Blooket: Tips and Tricks For Teachers And Students.

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Modern students now have access to many tech tools that help to improve their knowledge with technological advancements. Student knowledge has also become easy for teachers with many software and tools. The Blooket is also one of the most utilized applications in a modern classroom which helps improve the knowledge of students without any complications.

In this post, we will discuss what is Blooket. And how to use Blooket? What is the benefit of Blooket for students and teachers? Let’s JOIN BLOOKET.

What is Blook?

Blook is a friendly little block that loves to play and it represents players and there are so many waiting to be unlocked.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is a modern classroom review game and it aims to match activity with education to make the maximum learning experience!

It is a review tool that allows teachers to “level up classroom attention” and it is a gamified knowledge platform where teachers host plays through query collections and students rely on their gadgets. It is an assessment-centered tool, especially formative examination. When students give answers they receive points, which allow them to buy and sell ‘Blooks’. Blooket already prepares hundreds of question sets for you to use and also you have the option to make your unique set for your class. This new practicing material can raise learners’ attention and excitement.

  1. Blooket Join: How to Access Games?
  2. Navigating the “Join Game” Feature Of Blooket:
  • It is the creation/discovery of different sets of questions with a wide range of categories.
  • Choose a few sets as your “Favorites” and guide them easily.
  • It offers about 15 “Game Modes” while playing the game.
  • You can play as a “Solo” or “Team”.
  • It also provides “Homework” that can be assigned by a teacher.
  • It allows students to play the game without even creating an account.
  • It is free to utilize.
  • It can be played in any type of web browser.

These are just some key features that once you start playing the game; you’ll come across many features for both teachers/ students which will be beneficial for both.

Let’s see how you can use this application as a teacher and a student. Here explain the procedure for teachers and students to understand the process easily.

Steps to Joining a Blooket Game

  • To use Blooket, the first step is going to have to do is sign up. It is super easy and free!
  • To register visit
  • Select either ‘Sign Up with Google
  • Sign up With Email‘ to use any email address.

After registering, you will need to verify if you are a student or a teacher. You can now start using Blooket after selecting a teacher.

How does the Blooket application work?

Blooket is very simple and easy to sign up for, allowing teachers to get a free account with just their email address. Games can be created directly from pre-built questions or using custom builds. Either way, teachers can assign a code for the game to students so that they can join as easily as they want.

Blooket has standard quiz-style section questions with large color blocks for the answer options. Students of every level of ability are going to find it straightforward to click to choose and proceed forward. Before going on to the next set of questions, the answers can be utilized throughout the game once they have been offered and points have been acquired.

Students may obtain food to serve customers in the game by solving questions in the Cafe mode. In Tower of Doom, learners choose characters and get in conflict with one another, offering answers to help in success. Then there’s the timeless game Tower Defense, which a great deal of students have likely done in some form or another.

What are the best Blooket features?

Blooket is extremely easy to use for teachers as well as learners. It is also suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels.

Teachers can quickly divide students into groups according to a simple randomization tool. In addition to removing the element of speed-based competition from the games, the points awarded can also be assigned at random.

Since these games are extremely addictive as well, students could likely continue to play games even after class. It’s wonderful that teachers can create a variety of questions so then students may begin engaging as soon as possible and have all of the materials that they require to progress on their own time.

A wonderful feature that keeps students engaged and keeps them coming return is the ability to collect coins and points for use in the game. Understand that in addition to creating an account, students could be prompted for an email address. This isn’t allowed by anyone under the age of 13, so keep it in mind.

How much does Blooket cost?


Starter members had fewer advantages, but they still had access to all of Blooket’s essential features; they just didn’t have the features mentioned below.


Plus provides several benefits at buy and is less expensive compared to Plus Flex. The charge for each month is USD 2.99, but since this is billed every year, the yearly price comes to USD 35.88. The advantages consist of:

  • Provide better descriptions of events and view question-by-question data and individual students without breaks.
  • When a new event is released, Plus provides members early access to it, which means they can play it sooner than everyone else can.
  • It provides the ability to copy your existing sets that the purchaser has completed. Make your copy of any set to edit for yourself.
  • It allows the buyer to duplicate community-made sets to make their copy and edit it they would like.
  • It allows the buyer to create folders, to organize their question sets and favorites used to group sets, making the My Sets section if the user has many sets.
  • It provides Bonus tokens for students after every game if the buyer is a teacher.
  • It makes response time faster.
  • Allows the buyer to add audio for a question in a Set and the buyer can record or upload their audio.
  • It allows the buyer to merge Sets and the buyer can combine two sets with only a few clicks.
  • It provides the buyer (For Teachers) that they can assign homework for up to 365 days (14-day max with Starter)
  • According to this plan, the buyer can host games with up to 300 players.

Plus Flex

Plus Flex has the same features and benefits as Plus, besides a few billing advantages. It comes at a higher cost of $4.99. The benefits are:

  • It provides all benefits of the same as Plus.
  • It provides monthly billing instead of Plus’ yearly billing. It means the buyer is not forced into buying it for one year but also can buy it for some months according to their worth.

Group Plans

Group Plans provide discounts if the Plus plan buys in bulk. This option is only for the yearly plan. The benefits of Plus Flex are not provided. The discounts are:

  1. Friends (10 Plus Plans) – Per year- $250 (about 30% discount)
  2. Department (20 Plus Plans) – Per year $450 (about 37% discount)
  3. Small School (40 Plus Plans) – Per year $750 (about 48% discount)
  4. School (80 Plus Plans) – Per year $1000 (about 66% discount)

Adapt what's there?

For the fastest way to get started, search within the already present question sets and edit them according to your needs.

Set the speed

While lots of games focus on speed, you can go into settings to adjust this so that isn’t so important – a good move to bring pressure off students.

Award the class

As a class exit ticket, establish a quiz including the material covered. As assignments have been finished, give them to the students. This way, they are rewarded for being attentive, finishing their work, and playing—all of which contribute to their continued learning.

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Blooket is a powerful and user-friendly tool for teachers and students, transforming the learning experience through gamified quizzes and engaging features. Its flexibility allows educators to easily create customized games tailored to their lessons, fostering a dynamic and interactive classroom environment. The variety of game modes, randomization options, and the ability to assign homework make it a versatile platform suitable for various age groups and learning levels. Blooket’s cost-effective subscription plans provide additional benefits for those seeking advanced features, ensuring a well-rounded educational tool accessible to all. With its addictively engaging nature and the ability to seamlessly integrate learning materials, Blooket stands out as a valuable asset in modern education, facilitating both enjoyment and educational growth.


According to the law and Blooket join terms, children under 13 shouldn’t create accounts on Blooket, so teachers should guide kids under 13 to skip above this. Blooket app is a web-based quiz game platform that helps in group competition or solo study.

Blooket Join is a free website that suggests educational games.

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