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What are the best Pokemon Emulators PC? This also played on an Android phone. Do you know about the origin of Pokemon? Let me tell you a brief before exploring the technical aspects of this game. This game is started in 1990 and the origin place of this game is in Japan, Pocket Monster is its original Japanese name which tends to shorten the name to Pokemon. Its started by Satoshi Tajiri, who was a writer of the game, and Ken Sugimori who was an illustrator. This game is one of the most successful franchises in the world and is also a TV cartoon. Throughout 8 generations of consoles, there are 122 known Pokemon in the games. A lot of fans of this game and cartoon series are all over the world and I personally also love this Cartoon, my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu which is derived from two words Pikapika- sparkle and Chuchu-squeaking. You can start playing, pokemon roms GO on Android and iOS and other than this game there are ten more games from the franchise that you can play on a smartphone. You need to have an emulator for playing this game on your PC and Android. There are different emulators for PC and Android.

Pokemon Emulators PC Game

The performance of the game is not overall dependent on the emulator but also the PC configuration. This game is not available on the windows play store although we wish to play the Pokemon Emulator game on our PC and there is a way to make it happen by using the emulator. The players use different emulators for playing and all these emulators offer multiple features while playing. The emulator is a software program in a computer that enables us to play our favorite games on a PC and for each game you have to download a separate emulator. One of the fun facts about the development of this game is that the developer creates over 4 billion spot patterns just to present the two Spinda Pokemon look exactly. Below mentioned are some of the best games for playing and for that we need a computer along with an emulator. Some of the best games that you can play with an emulator are:-

  •  Pokémon GO
  •  Pokémon Duel
  •  Camp Pokémon
  •  Magikarp Jump
  •  Pokémon Playhouse
  •  Pokémon Quest
  •  Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

1) DeSmuMe

DeSmuME is an open-source Nintendo DS emulator and has a certified GNU General Public License. This emulator program has the availability to read and operate Gamecube games. This emulator is launched in November 2005 and developed by Yohoao Wulong. It didn’t update since 2015 and it has done the job perfectly with a good number of features that make it one of the best Pokemon emulators PC.

Access to Features

  •  It helps in enabling or customizing the graphics of games.
  •  Cheat code manager and USB controller support feature.
  •  You can start the game from where you left off.
  •  Play the game on full graphics.

Not availability

  •  Lack wifi emulation
  •  Not all games are available

2) Citra

Citra is a free and open-source emulator that runs through Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It was created in April 2014 and is its first commercial Nintendo. Since May 2016 it emulate the audio and since September 2016 it had a JIT compiler. The famous game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time runs through this emulator and is one of the best Pokemon emulators PC.

Access to Features

  •  Specializes in playing Nintendo DS plays.
  •  Runs through different operating systems.
  •  This helps in multiplayer support.
  •  Support different games to play and has a lot of games on its website.

Not availability

  •  Keep updating and improving which show some error while playing.


NO$GBA is a normal emulator and it gives the best support as one of the best Pokemon emulator PC. It was first started as a Gameboy Advance debugger but later on with many chances it become the emulator which supports multi-player on a PC and a NintendoDS console. This emulator is very lightweight for playing Pokemon games.

Access to Features

  • Wouldn’t overload your PC.
  •  Get many handy features.
  •  One of the Fastest emulators.
  •  Easily pinch graphics settings and load ROM and BIOS files.
  •  Have guiding FAV on the official website.
  •  It’s faster as compared to DeSmuMe.

4) RetroArch

RetroArch Steam as a free download on July 30 2019 is the largest non-commercial emulation launch digitally. This can be used on Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac and is one of the best Pokemon emulators PC which enables you to complete the games list of Pokemon.

Access to Features

  • ·Can play all games of Pokemon.
  •  Best for retro gaming.
  •  Available Integrated downloads, and game thumbnails.
  •  Cheat code manager, automatic controller configuration, and customizable shaders all at once.

5) Dolphin

Most Popular emulator available on Mac, and Android and one of the best Pokemon emulators for PC. It is best for those who are unfamiliar with emulators.

Access to Features

  •  Easy to Use.
  •  Emulates multiple consoles
  •  Also, switch to Gamecube games.
  •  Runs quite smoothly.
  •  Customization access to maps, keys, and enter cheats and saved data checks.

6) Project 64

Project64 is a free and open-source software Nintendo 64 emulator which is one of the best Pokemon emulators PC and is documented in the programming languages C and C++ for Microsoft Windows. This is the most universal emulator and is used as the set of many other emulators.

Access to Features

  •  Keep updating which helps in stability while playing Pokemon.
  •  Also, run on Android.
  •  Can also play N64 games.

7) OpenEmu

8) TGB Dual – GBC, DMG

This game is best for playing one of the best Pokemon emulators PC and this system is also best for those who love the Gameboy Color games. This program has a dual-playing feature which also is best for Pokemon. Two people also play different Gameboy color games at a time.

Access to Features

  •  Most reliable and stable.
  • Runs quite fast.
  • Can play two games at a time without losing performance.
  • Cheat code support.
  •  Can be linked to two different PC with the same network via VPN.

9) MelonDS

It is an open-source emulator that enables you to modify and improve the application and is one of the best Pokemon emulators for PC. This also offers an optimal gaming experience and multiple players can play at a time. This program was on hold since 2018 but now it’s available for building into PC.

Access to Features

  • Fast and accurate emulation.
  • Offer OpenGL render-gives high resolutions.
  • Offers local wifi and cheat code support.
  • The smooth playing of games.

Not availability

  • Can be a little unavailable.
  • Not good for pressed games

10) Drastic DS

It was released in 2016 and developed by Exophase and goes through many chances. It’s one of the best Pokemon emulators PC and is also available on Android devices. It’s a Nintendo DS emulator. This helps in playing Nintendo DS games on both your PC and your phone.

Access to Features

  • Save states, controller support, and button mapping.
  • Offers six different layout options to users.
  • Dual screens of the original console.
  • Easily play and flawlessly operate the game.

This is the list of the best Pokemon emulators for PC and you can also check other emulators rather than it but the Pokemon game is very friendly with them. As you see the blogs on technical factors. Personal Computer enables us to play multiple games and gives the best experience of playing. Nowadays students are playing online games and also choose them as their career option and many youngsters also do the same. These games are also operated and developed by youngsters and they enjoy that work. Multiple games are launched but only some make a place in audiences/ players’ hearts. While developing any game you need to get the coding done for it and you have to know about the programming language which are C, C++, and many others. For more interesting blogs do visit our website and remember to share your thoughts and tell them which software or program you use while playing your favorite game Pokemon.

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