10 Common Twitter Problems And Their Solutions to Fix Them

10 Common Twitter Problems And Their Solutions to Fix Them CHANFED cinner image

The most popular social media platform is Twitter, and there 330 million users are active. Through this platform, you can share information, ideas, and opinions with an audience from all over the globe. Its ambition is to promote global communication and engagement, and multiple teams are handling this platform, and for some reason, they are troubled by the issues that are facing in the day-to-day working of Twitter. Twitter offers new features to its users, but many existing errors make this platform run ineffectively and efficiently. So, today in this blog, we will discuss the common Twitter problems and Their solutions to fix them.

Twitter in the social media world

Twitter is the most famous social site, and in 2006 Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams founded this social site. The idea came from the podcasting session of a company where Jack works, and then he emphasized the idea with friends and started working on it. Twitter gets earlier rapid growth on this platform and gain popularity among celebrities, journalists, and politicians for sharing thoughts and maintaining audiences. On March 21, 2006, the first tweet was sent by Dorsey, “Just setting up my Twitter”. Firstly it was an influential tool for breaking news and citizen journalism. Over the years, Twitter found many new things and shape the features available to the users. The authentication of the users got troubled by the content shared with the people. Due to moderation and misinformation on the platform, Twitter faced many challenges in recent days that also affect the working of everyone’s account. Back-end teams are taking steps to combat these issues including, implementing new tools to flag and remove harmful content. But, despite this social site, Twitter remains a popular and influential platform with the most trusted people, and it’s a good platform to share your ideas and thoughts with a global audience. Some of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them are mentioned below.

1. Facing problems in Tweeting

Tweets help you share your thoughts with the global audience, and while tweeting, Twitter messages that Tweet is not sent or something like that, and this is a common Twitter problem, and their solutions to fix them.

How to fix

1) For a normal tweet you will get 280 characters in limitations. For a blue tick tweet, you will get 4000 characters in limitation. You will have to get a subscription for more writing characters. You can’t tweet more words than given.

2) You can’t send a tweet because of the same content on the tweet you previously posted. For a solution, wait for a little and post different content.

3) Update the new version of Twitter and then browse Twitter and tweet.

2. Unable to follow and unfollow

The common Twitter problem and their solutions to fix them is to unable to follow and unfollow the account. Sometimes, we are influenced by other people, and sometimes we don’t want to unfollow some accounts when we are unable to do the same thing, and for its solutions, there are some ways.

How to fix

1) You can’t follow the account if you are blocked, and if you follow excessive accounts in one day, it waits for 24 hours and then try to do the same.

2) For unfollowing, you may concern with the profile domain, and if you don’t want to talk to the person and try to update Twitter and try to tap the following button.

3) Try to refresh the page and then do follow and unfollow the account.

3. Unable to upload Pictures or videos

Some restrictions are by Twitter. Which are four pictures per tweet, a video limit of 140 seconds, and due to many guidelines. This is also one of the common Twitter problems, and their solutions to fix them.

How to fix

1) Phone limit is 5 MB, and 15 MB for a laptop for uploading pictures and videos 512 MB limit.

2) You need about the ranking down the media form.

3) For the blue tick account, they also have some other limits but with higher quality.

4. Incapable of Login

This is also one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them. Sometimes we are incapable of login into the account, and we thought the simple thing was that maybe we put the wrong password and there may be another reason.

How to fix

1) First, try to fill correct password and other details, and try to update the app and run Twitter on the desktop.

2) If you forget the password, try to with an email or phone number.

3) If you are having problems in login and no solutions will fix this problem and at most, you can contact help support.

5. Direct messages are not working correctly

As this is a social media platform, direct messages or private conversation and this feature also has some limitations, and people are unable to communicate with many people. Many users face this one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them.

How to fix

1) Common limitation in direct messaging in tweets is 500 messages.

2) If you are sending spam messages on DM and also activities like that. Twitter blocks messages and all other activities or content unauthorized things.

3) If someone is not following and you want everyone to message, change the setting “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”.

6. The timeline isn't updating

Everyone, the Twitter account has a timeline, and it has features to change in some time. It is also one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them and there are some solutions mentioned below.

How to fix

1) For timelines issues you have to check the current status of Twitter and they are trying to fix the issues of the same.

2) For timeline issues, first log out from the account and then refresh and login into the account.

3) First update your account, if you don’t update the new version of Twitter then you will be unable to get the latest fixes, software-related bugs which can cause your timeline to malfunction.

7. Confusing timeline

Twitter displays the follow, your interests, and the general algorithm, and now it is split into two categories You Tab and Following Tab. The major thing is that Twitter removes irrelevant content.

How to fix

1) First Change from the You Tab to Following Tab which helps in showing your timeline in chronological order.

2) This also helps you remove undesirable content. The main thing is that you can make your Twitter account preview with manageable details.

3) This helps in reflecting on your thoughts and many other things. The main thing is that refresh your Twitter account.

8. Images and videos are suddenly low-quality

It is also one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them. Sometimes you will find that the photos and videos become of low quality and the original quality is different from the other things. The major problem is due to the data-saving features and got low pixels.

How to fix

1) For high-quality images you will have to access the high-quality data and can use the wifi.

2) You can choose the quality of videos too from the setting and there is the option of auto-play.

3) For uploading photos and videos with high-quality tends to show high-quality photos and videos too.

9. Not receiving notifications

It is also one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them. Not receiving notifications is the very affected thing that starts missing your important information. This also affects every person and this needs to be fixed.

How to fix

1) Sometimes, you may turn off the push notification setting, and for solving this go into settings or turn on push on the notification.

2) Due to override in the social media of smartphones this can be a reason to get off the push notification.

3) One of the easy ways to solve any problem is to restart the phone.

10. Continuously Crashes

It is also one of the common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them. Continuously Crashing the Twitter app is a major problem, and some of the solutions are given below.

How to fix

1) Do update your app and this may be software-related issues that tend continuously crash in the app.

2) Clear the cached app as some of the files got erupted, causing the app to crash.

3) Reinstall the app and got the fixing of your problems.


These are some common Twitter problems and their solutions to fix them. One problem in the device can be due to multiple reasons, and each problem has many ways to solve a problem. With technological advancement, some people feel laziness, and some are very busy depending on their work. With new things, some touch of humor and unauthorized information also tends to spread on social sites, and Twitter wants its image clear from the wrong information and accounts that spread unauthorized details. So, this is a reason Twitter having issues in solving these problems to give an authentic platform to all. For more technological and informational blogs visit our official website and remember to share your views on how Twitter works and which problem you are facing while tweeting.

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