10 Best PS5 Racing Games!

Best Racing Games on Ps5

Racing games have been a staple in the gaming world for decades, and the PS5 has its fair share of top-notch titles in this genre. From realistic simulations to arcade-style experiences, the best PS5 racing games has something for every racing fan. Gran Turismo 7 is a prime example of a racing simulator, providing players with a realistic driving experience and focusing on real-world motorsports such as Formula One and WRC. Arcade racers such as Hot Wheels Unleashed and DIRT 5, on the other hand, offer fast-paced, unrealistic driving experiences that often feature stunts and power-ups.

Below is a list of the best racing games on PS5, based on user ratings and determined entirely by the Push Square community. This list can be updated and influenced by user ratings, so make sure to have your say.

Here are the best PS5 Racing Games:

1. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is a highly anticipated racing game that has been optimized for the PlayStation 5’s advanced capabilities. Developed by Sony’s premier racing game team, the game is the latest installment in the iconic Gran Turismo franchise, which has been entertaining players for over two decades.


  • One of the standout features of Gran Turismo 7 is its impressive level of realism. The game incorporates weather and temperature effects that can have a significant impact on the racing experience. This attention to detail adds to the immersive nature of the game, allowing players to feel as though they are truly behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle.

  • The game also boasts improved graphics and sound, thanks to the PS5’s advanced hardware. Cars are rendered with stunning detail, and the sound effects are more realistic than ever before. Additionally, the game features a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including both classic and modern cars, as well as a variety of tracks from around the world.


  • Stunning graphics and visuals thanks to the PS5’s capabilities

  • Improved realism, with weather and temperature affecting circuits for added immersion

  • Vast car selection, including both modern and classic models from a variety of brands

  • Multiple game modes, including single-player campaigns and online multiplayer

  • Highly customizable gameplay settings, allowing players to fine-tune their experience


  • Delayed release date, causing frustration among fans

  • Some features, such as the dynamic campaign mode, were removed or altered from previous games in the series

  • Lack of support for older PlayStation consoles, limiting accessibility to only those with a PS5

  • Limited availability of some cars, requiring players to grind or purchase in-game currency to acquire them

  • Some players have reported issues with AI behavior, particularly in online races.

Overall, Gran Turismo 7 is a game that racing fans won’t want to miss. Its impressive attention to detail, realistic graphics and sound, and a vast selection of vehicles and tracks make it a standout title in the racing game genre.

2. Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest installment in the long-running Need for Speed franchise.


  • One of its standout features is the new art style that deviates from the series’ typical gritty and dark look. The game takes on a more vibrant and stylish approach, with a fashion-focused aesthetic that sets it apart from previous games in the series. However, this new direction doesn’t always hit the mark and may not appeal to all players.


  • One of the game’s strengths is its gameplay. Need for Speed Unbound delivers on the racing front with fast-paced and thrilling races that keep players on the edge of their seats. The game features a wide variety of popular cars to choose from, including high-performance supercars and modified classics. Players can also customize their vehicles with a range of upgrades, including new engines, tires, and body kits, to improve performance and personalize their rides.


  • The game’s graphics are also a standout feature, especially on the PlayStation 5. Need for Speed Unbound looks stunning, with detailed and realistic environments that immerse players in the racing world. The game also features dynamic weather and time of day, adding to the immersive experience.


  • However, the game has its drawbacks. While the new art style is fresh and unique, it may not appeal to all players, and some may find it distracting or overbearing. The game also has some technical issues, including occasional frame rate drops and glitches, which can detract from the overall experience.


  • Wide variety of popular cars to buy, modify, and race.


  • Good gameplay that retains the classic Need for Speed formula.


  • Stunning graphics on best PS5 racing games that bring the world to life.
  • Customization options for both cars and characters, allow players to personalize their experience.
  • Multiplayer modes add a competitive aspect to the game.
  • A large open world to explore with plenty of races and events to participate in.


  • The hip, fashion-focused aesthetic may not appeal to all players.


  • Lack of variety in race types and objectives may become repetitive for some.


  • Limited story mode may not provide enough depth or engagement for some players.


  • Occasional technical issues such as framerate drops and glitches.


  • The game relies heavily on microtransactions for in-game currency, which may be a turnoff for some players.

Overall, Need for Speed Unbound is a solid addition to the Need for Speed franchise, with fast-paced gameplay, a range of customization options, and stunning graphics. However, the new art style may not be to everyone’s taste, and the game has some technical issues that need to be addressed.

3. F1 2022

F1 2022 is the latest installment in the Formula One video game franchise, developed and published by Codemasters. It offers a wide range of features and improvements that make it a standout racing game.


  • One of the most significant new additions to F1 2022 is the introduction of a brand new story mode, called “Braking Point”. This story mode allows players to experience the drama and excitement of the F1 world both on and off the track. Players take on the role of young drivers trying to make their way up the ranks, facing challenges and rivalries along the way.


  • In addition to the new story mode, F1 2022 also offers a career mode where players can create their driver and team and progress through the ranks of the F1 world. The game also includes an extensive range of customization options, from car liveries to driver outfits, allowing players to personalize their experience.


  • The game’s graphics and physics have also been improved, making it one of the most realistic and immersive racing simulations to date. The game features updated handling, tire wear, and fuel consumption models that make every race feel unique and challenging.


  • Another notable addition is the “Real-Season Start” mode, where players can jump into the current F1 season and take control of their favorite drivers and teams. This mode offers an authentic recreation of the ongoing F1 season, complete with all the teams, drivers, and circuits.


  • Despite all the improvements and new features, F1 2022 is not without its drawbacks. One of the most significant issues is AI behavior, which can be inconsistent at times, resulting in frustrating moments during races. The game’s online multiplayer mode also suffers from connectivity issues and lacks certain features found in other racing games.


  • A brand new story mode adds a new level of depth to the game and provides a fresh experience for players.


  • The career mode has been improved and now includes more options for customization and progression.


  • The graphics and attention to detail are stunning, with highly realistic car models and tracks that truly immerse players in the F1 world.


  • The physics engine has been updated, providing a more realistic driving experience with more precise handling and tire models.


  • Multiplayer modes are plentiful and well-implemented, allowing players to compete against others around the world.


  • The learning curve can be steep, especially for those who are new to the F1 racing genre.


  • Some players may find the game to be too realistic and unforgiving, as mistakes can lead to significant penalties and lost time on the track.


  • The story mode may not be for everyone, as some players may prefer to focus solely on the racing aspect of the game.


  • The game’s AI can sometimes feel inconsistent, with opponents either being too easy or too difficult to race against.


  • The game may require a powerful PC or gaming console to run smoothly, which could be a barrier for some players.

Overall, F1 2022 is a great racing game that offers a wide range of features and improvements. Its new story mode and career mode offer hours of gameplay, while the improved graphics and physics make every race feel challenging and realistic. However, some issues with AI behavior and online multiplayer prevent it from being a perfect simulated racing.

4. DIRT 5 (PS5)

DIRT 5 is a rally racing game developed by Codemasters, featuring arcade-style gameplay with a focus on drifting and sliding through different terrains. The game has a festival theme and a vibrant, colorful presentation that adds to the overall experience. Here are some of the pros and cons of DIRT 5:


  • Wide variety of cars to choose from, including rallycross, GT, and off-road vehicles

  • Multiple modes to play, such as Career, Arcade, and Multiplayer

  • Dynamic weather and time-of-day systems that affect gameplay

  • Stunning graphics and visual effects, including realistic damage modeling

  • Optional 120fps mode for smooth, responsive gameplay on compatible displays

  • User-friendly track editor for creating and sharing custom tracks

  • Licensed music from various artists and genres to enhance the game’s atmosphere

  • Cross-platform play between PS5 and other platforms such as Xbox and PC.


  • The game’s graphics are stunning, with excellent detail and impressive lighting effects.

  • The gameplay is fun and accessible, with a variety of events and tracks to choose from.

  • The soundtrack is fantastic, with a great mix of licensed music and original tracks that add to the festival atmosphere.

  • The game has an unintrusive storyline that adds some context and personality to the single-player campaign.

  • The level editor allows players to create and share their tracks, adding to the game’s longevity and replayability.

  • The game features some unique and entertaining multiplayer modes, including Capture the Flag and Zombie mode.


  • The handling of some vehicles can feel a bit floaty and imprecise, making it challenging to navigate some of the tighter turns and obstacles.

  • The AI can be inconsistent, with some races feeling too easy while others are frustratingly difficult.

  • The game’s career mode lacks depth and can feel repetitive after a while.

  • The loading times can be lengthy, especially when starting up the game or loading into a race.

  • The game does not include licensed rally cars or tracks, which may be disappointing for some fans of the genre.

Overall, DIRT 5 is a well-presented racing game that delivers an enjoyable arcade-style experience with plenty of content to keep players engaged. While there are some minor flaws, the game’s strengths make it a worthwhile addition to any racing fan’s collection.

5. MXGP 2021

MXGP 2021 is a motocross racing game developed by Milestone, which focuses on the FIM Motocross World Championship. It was released in 2021 and is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


  • One of the main features of MXGP 2021 is its improved visual capabilities on the PS5, which allows for more realistic graphics and detailed environments. Additionally, the game introduces a new career mode that allows players to create their rider and compete in a series of races to become the MXGP World Champion.


  • The game also includes legacy tracks from previous editions, such as Lommel and Matterley Basin, which adds to the nostalgia and excitement for fans of the series. The tracks have been redesigned with improved graphics and new obstacles to create a more challenging and realistic racing experience.


  • MXGP 2021 also offers a variety of customization options for bikes and riders, allowing players to personalize their racing experience. The game features over 100 real riders from the MXGP and MX2 championships, including Tony Cairoli, Tim Gajser, and Jeffrey Herlings.


  • One potential downside of MXGP 2021 is that it may not appeal to gamers who are not fans of motocross racing or who are looking for a more arcade-style racing game. Additionally, the game’s controls and physics may take some time to master, which could be frustrating for newer players.

Pros of MXGP 2021:

  • Improved visuals and graphics, taking advantage of the capabilities of the best PS5 Racing Games console


  • The new career mode allows players to create their rider and customize their bikes, leading to a more personalized gameplay experience


  • Legacy tracks from previous editions of the game bring back nostalgic memories for longtime fans of the franchise


  • Realistic physics engine and handling mechanics, provide a more immersive motocross racing experience


  • A large variety of bikes and customization options for players to choose from

Cons of MXGP 2021:

  • Lack of significant changes from previous editions of the game, making it feel repetitive for longtime fans


  • The steep learning curve for beginners due to the complex handling mechanics and physics of engine


  • Limited online multiplayer options, with only up to 12 players allowed in a race


  • Some technical issues and bugs, such as occasional crashes and glitches, have been reported by players

Overall, MXGP 2021 is a solid addition to the motocross racing genre and offers an immersive and realistic experience for fans of the sport.

6. WRC 10

WRC 10 is a rally racing game developed by KT Racing and published by Nacon. It is the latest installment in the officially licensed FIA World Rally Championship video game series. The game was released on September 2, 2021, and is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.


  • One of the standout features of WRC 10 is its realistic and detailed tracks. The game features over 20 locations from the 2021 WRC season, as well as classic tracks from throughout the history of the sport. The tracks are accurately recreated, with real-world road surfaces and weather conditions. The attention to detail extends to the cars as well, with over 50 teams and 20 legendary cars from throughout the history of the sport available to choose from.

  • WRC 10 also includes an in-depth career mode, where players create their driver and compete in a series of rallies to climb the ranks of the WRC. The mode includes a variety of challenges, such as sponsor objectives and rivalries with other drivers, which add to the immersion and longevity of the mode. In addition, the game includes a quick-play mode for players who want to jump straight into the action, as well as online multiplayer.

  • The game’s graphics are impressive, with detailed car models and environments that are brought to life with dynamic weather and lighting effects. The sound design is also top-notch, with realistic engine noises and co-driver instructions that add to the immersion.

  • One of the most noteworthy additions to WRC 10 is its support for the DualSense controller on PlayStation 5. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers provide a more immersive experience, with the triggers simulating the feel of the car’s brakes and acceleration, and the haptic feedback conveying the sensation of driving over different surfaces.

  • However, one potential downside of the game is its difficulty. The game’s physics and handling are realistic, which may be challenging for players who are not accustomed to rally racing games. Additionally, the game’s AI opponents can be quite competitive, which may frustrate some players.


  • Authenticity: WRC 10 is praised for its realism in terms of vehicles, tracks, and drivers. The game is faithful to the sport and provides an immersive experience for rally fans.

  • Career mode: The game’s career mode is deep and engaging, allowing players to build their teams, compete in championships, and manage their finances. This adds another layer of strategy and immersion to the game.

  • DualSense support: The game takes advantage of the DualSense controller’s features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, to provide a more immersive and realistic experience.

  • Historical events: WRC 10 includes historical events and races from the sport’s rich history, giving players the chance to experience iconic moments and relive legendary races.


  • Graphics: While the game is generally praised for its authenticity, some players have criticized the graphics for not being as impressive as other racing games on the PS5.

  • Limited multiplayer options: While the game has online play, the multiplayer options are relatively limited compared to other racing games.

  • Steep learning curve: WRC 10 is a challenging game that requires a lot of skill and practice. This may be daunting for new players or casual fans of the sport.

Overall, WRC 10 is a highly polished and realistic rally racing game that will appeal to fans of the sport. Its attention to detail, realistic tracks and cars, and in-depth career mode make it one of the best rally racing games on the market.

7. Wreckfest (PS5)

Wreckfest on the best PS5 Racing Games is a high-octane racing game that delivers on the promise of destruction and carnage. It is developed by Bugbear Entertainment, the team behind the FlatOut series, and it shows in the game’s emphasis on brutal crashes and vehicular combat. Wreckfest is a spiritual successor to Destruction Derby, and it captures the same spirit of reckless abandon that made the original game so popular.


  • The game features a variety of race modes, from traditional circuits to demolition derbies where the objective is to be the last car standing. The physics system is top-notch, with cars realistically reacting to damage and collisions. The game also has a strong sense of progression, with a career mode that allows players to unlock new vehicles, upgrade their cars, and compete in tougher events.


  • Wreckfest on PS5 boasts stunning visuals that take full advantage of the console’s power. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, making the high-speed action feel all the more exhilarating. The sound design is also fantastic, with roaring engines and crumpling metal creating a visceral and immersive experience.


  • One of the best things about Wreckfest is the regular content updates that the developers have been providing. New cars, tracks, and game modes have been added since its release, ensuring that the game remains fresh and exciting for players.


  • However, one downside to Wreckfest is that it can feel repetitive after a while. The game’s focus on destruction and crashes means that the races can start to feel the same, especially when playing for extended periods. Additionally, the AI opponents can be a bit too aggressive at times, which can be frustrating for players who are just starting.


  • Fun and addictive gameplay that focuses on the thrill of destruction and mayhem on the track.


  • Plenty of variety in the vehicles and tracks, with different classes of cars and a range of environments to race in.


  • Well-optimized for the PS5, running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second and with improved visuals over the PS4 version.


  • Regular content updates have kept the game fresh and engaging, adding new cars, tracks, and modes over time.


  • Good customization options for both cars and drivers, allowing you to personalize your experience.


  • Features online multiplayer for added replayability.


  • While the destruction-focused gameplay is fun, it may not be as appealing to those looking for a more traditional racing experience.


  • The AI can be frustratingly aggressive at times, leading to unfair crashes and setbacks.


  •   Some of the tracks can feel repetitive or lackluster compared to others.


  • The lack of a deep story or campaign mode may make it less appealing to players who prefer more narrative-driven experiences.

Overall, Wreckfest on PS5 is a great choice for players who love high-octane racing games and don’t mind a little bit of destruction and chaos. The game’s focus on crashes and vehicular combat is a refreshing change of pace from more traditional racing games, and the regular content updates ensure that the game remains exciting and engaging for a long time.

8. Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a vibrant and exciting arcade racer developed by Milestone, known for its expertise in motorcycle racing games.


  • The game features the iconic Hot Wheels tracks and die-cast vehicles, making it a perfect choice for those who have fond memories of playing with toy cars. The controls are smooth and responsive, allowing for intense and satisfying racing. The game’s tracks are creatively designed with plenty of twists and turns, including loops and jumps that anti gravity, and they offer a great challenge for players of all skill levels.



  • One of the standout features of Hot Wheels Unleashed is its extensive content. The game boasts a big campaign mode, complete with races, challenges, and unlockable cars. In addition, there is a full track editor that allows players to create their custom tracks and share them with the community.



  • The game also offers both split-screen and online multiplayer, providing a variety of options for competitive play. With hundreds of cars to collect, there is always something new to discover in Hot Wheels Unleashed.



  • However, there are a few downsides to the game. The AI can be frustratingly difficult at times, especially in the later stages of the campaign. Some players may also find the game’s focus on arcade-style racing to be a bit shallow compared to more realistic racing games. Additionally, while the track editor is a great addition, it can be somewhat limited in terms of the types of tracks that can be created.


  • Fun and colorful arcade racing game with excellent handling and competitive gameplay.



  • Features treacherous and winding courses with gravity-defying elements such as driving on ceilings and through the air.



  • Impressive robustness with a big campaign, split-screen and online multiplayer, a full track editor, and hundreds of cars to collect.



  • Appeals to fans of Hot Wheels toys or arcade racing games.


  • Some may find the gameplay too arcade-like and lacking in realism.



  • Limited variety in course locations and environments.



  • Online multiplayer matchmaking can be slow and difficult to find players at times.



  • Some players may not enjoy the collectible aspect of the game, which requires time and effort to unlock all cars.

Overall, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and accessible racing game that offers plenty of content and excitement. With its colorful visuals, tight controls, and extensive features, it’s a worthy addition to any PS5 Racing Games fan’s library.

9. Riders Republic

Riders Republic is an open-world racing game that features a wide range of extreme sports activities to compete in, from mountain biking to skiing, snowboarding, and wingsuit flying. Developed by Ubisoft, this game provides a massively multiplayer playground where riders can meet and compete in a variety of modes, including mass racing.


  • The game features a beautiful and expansive open-world environment with various terrains, such as snowy mountains, forests, and deserts, that players can explore while performing various stunts and tricks. The game’s graphics are top-notch, with realistic character models and breathtaking scenery that enhance the overall immersive experience.

  • One of the game’s biggest draws is its multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete against each other in various challenges, races, and events. The game also offers a cooperative mode, where players can team up to complete objectives and challenges together, adding to the game’s social aspect.

  • Riders Republic also features a character customization system, where players can customize their rider’s appearance, equipment, and gear. The game also offers a variety of different sports equipment and vehicles that can be unlocked and upgraded through gameplay, providing players with a sense of progression and achievement.

  • One potential downside of the game is that the controls can feel a bit overwhelming at first, particularly for players who are new to extreme sports games. However, with practice, the controls become more intuitive, and the game becomes even more enjoyable.


  • Large open world with various terrains and environments to explore.

  • A wide variety of extreme sports to participate in, including mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and wingsuit flying.

  • Various game modes, including mass racing, PvP events, and team-based competitions.

  • Satisfying 60FPS gameplay on PS5.

  •   Online multiplayer, allows players to meet and compete with others from around the world.

  • Customizable characters and gear, allow players to create unique avatars.

  • Stunning graphics and visuals.


  • Some players may find the controls and mechanics of certain sports challenging or difficult to master.

  • The open world may feel overwhelming to some players, with a lot of content to explore and unlock.

  • Some players may prefer a more focused experience rather than an open-world game.

  • The story and characters may be lacking for some players, as they are not a major focus of the game.

Overall, Riders Republic is an exhilarating and visually stunning open-world racing game that offers a diverse range of extreme sports activities and a robust multiplayer mode. With its impressive graphics and fast-paced gameplay, this game is sure to appeal to fans of extreme sports and racing games alike.

10.RiMS Racing

RiMS Racing is a new racing simulation game developed by Raceward Studio and published by Nacon. This game brings a unique blend of motorsports and engineering, allowing players to experience the thrill of both driving and building their superbike.


  • One of the key features of RiMS Racing is its incredibly detailed engineering system. Players can customize and tune every aspect of their bike, from the engine to the suspension, to ensure that it performs at its best on the track. This is not just a cosmetic feature, as each change has a tangible impact on the bike’s performance.


  • The game boasts a range of officially licensed motorcycles from some of the biggest names in the industry, including BMW, Ducati, and Yamaha. The attention to detail in recreating each bike is impressive, with every bolt, screw, and gear being replicated as accurately as possible.


  • On the racing side of things, RiMS Racing features a comprehensive career mode that sees players competing in a range of events, from national championships to international competitions. The game’s physics engine ensures that every race is challenging, with the weather and track conditions having a significant impact on the bike’s handling.


  • Graphically, RiMS Racing is impressive, with realistic environments and detailed bike models that look fantastic PS5 Racing Games. The game also supports the DualSense controller, which adds to the immersive experience with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.


  • While RiMS Racing is undoubtedly an excellent simulation game, it may not appeal to everyone. Players who are more interested in arcade-style racing games may find the level of customization and detail overwhelming. Additionally, the learning curve for the engineering system can be steep, which may deter some players. 


  • Realistic motorcycle mechanics and physics add a level of depth to the gameplay and make it more engaging for fans of racing sims.


  • Stunning graphics and environments create a highly immersive experience for players.


  • Wide range of customization options for bikes, allowing players to fine-tune their motorcycles to suit their preferred riding style.


  • An in-depth career mode that allows players to start from the bottom and work their way up to the top, making it a rewarding experience to progress through the game.


  • Multiplayer mode that allows players to race against others online and showcase their skills.


  • Steep learning curve due to the game’s realistic mechanics and physics, which may make it less accessible to casual gamers or those unfamiliar with racing sims.


  • A limited number of tracks and environments may make the game feel repetitive after extended play sessions.


  • Lack of variety in the types of bikes available, which may disappoint players who are looking for more diverse options.


  • Occasional bugs and glitches can impact gameplay, such as crashes or freezes, which can be frustrating for players.

Overall, RiMS Racing is a fantastic game for motorsports enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of building and racing their superbike. With its impressive engineering system, realistic racing physics, and impressive graphics, it’s a game worth checking out.


In conclusion, the PS5 racing games offers a diverse range of racing games that cater to different tastes, from realistic simulations to over-the-top arcade racers. The list of the best PS5 Racing Games, as determined by user scores, features a mix of both types, showcasing the popularity and appeal of each. With new releases like Gran Turismo 7 and exciting titles like Hot Wheels Unleashed, the best PS5 racing game library is constantly expanding and offering something for every racing fan. Whether you prefer to drift around corners or strive for the most realistic driving experience, the PS5 has a game for you to enjoy.

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