Top 10 Worst TV Brands in India 2023

Top 10 Worst TV Brands In India 2023

In the stunning world of television, where the screens are our windows to the world, there’s a spectrum of brands that have either soared to excellence or faltered along the way. As we step into 2023, the ever-evolving landscape of television technology has given rise to some stars while making others into the shadows. In a market teeming with choices, it’s essential to guide wisely and steer clear of the pitfalls.

Welcome to a journey where we reveal the Top 10 Worst TV Brands in India for 2023, dissecting their features, durability, and customer experiences. So, before you embark on your quest for the perfect TV, join us in exploring the flip side of the screen, where caution is the watchword and informed decisions are your best allies.

Here Are the Top 10 Worst TV Brands in India 2023:

1. RCA:

RCA, often recognized for suggesting some of the most budget-friendly 4K TVs on the market, sees itself amid mixed reviews and a 56% rating. While it stands as a cost-effective option, it’s not without its share of drawbacks.
Why it is the Worst TV Brand in India 2023

  • The limited HDR support leaves something to be desired, and the narrow viewing angles might not cater to everyone’s preferences. Picture quality falls into the “so-so” category, not reaching perfection but generally satisfactory for the average viewer.

  • On the positive side, RCA TVs boast an appealing design with solid build quality. The user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide audience.

  • Additionally, the affordability of these TVs is a significant selling point. They come loaded with a commendable collection of features and sport capable set of speakers.

  • However, before diving into an RCA TV purchase, it’s essential to delve into the common issues and peruse customer reviews for a complete understanding. The absence of local dimming and inconvenient port placement are additional aspects to consider.

In summary, RCA, despite its attractive pricing, finds itself on the list of worst TV brands for 2023 due to limitations in HDR support, picture quality, viewing angles, and other usability concerns. While it may be an option for those on a tight budget, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

2. Westinghouse

Westinghouse, boasting a 57% rating, is another budget-friendly 4K TV option with an appealing design and an affordable price tag. While it may be slightly pricier than RCA, it makes up for it with improved picture quality and more features, including smart TV capabilities. However, Westinghouse falls short in some aspects.

Why it is the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • Their product range is limited, providing only a few details about their offerings.

  • One of the standout features of Westinghouse TVs is their attractive design. They also score well in terms of aspect ratio and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa. Despite their charm, Westinghouse TVs have their share of drawbacks, including a lack of deep blacks in 4K, viewing angles, and slightly skewed colors.

  • Before making a purchasing decision, it’s advisable to explore the downsides and read customer reviews, as information about the worst TV brands is readily available for consideration.

In summary, Westinghouse, while delivering a better picture quality than some competitors, still finds itself among the lower-rated TV brands in 2023 due to its limits in certain critical aspects. As a potential buyer, it’s essential to weigh both the positive and negative factors to determine if it aligns with your preferences and needs.

3. Videocon

Videocon, established in 1985 with its headquarters in Aurangabad, was once considered one of the most diversified Indian television brands. At its peak, it boasted around 17 different manufacturing units spread across India. However, as time progressed, new and emerging brands in India began to overshadow Videocon, and the brand found itself gradually falling behind.

Why it is the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • In an era where consumers seek high-quality pictures, advanced technologies, and innovative features in their televisions, Videocon struggled to keep pace with the evolving market.

  • Brands like Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi have become the preferred choices for consumers, relegating Videocon to the background.

  • While Videocon was once known for its diversification, it now faces stiff competition from brands that excel in delivering the latest features and technologies to meet the changing needs of consumers. As a result, Videocon has seen a decline in its popularity and market presence.

In summary, Videocon’s inability to keep up with the advancements in the television industry has led to a decline in its prominence. Consumers now turn to other brands that offer superior features and technology, making Videocon one of the less favored options in the world of televisions in 2023.

4. Sanyo

Sanyo, a Japanese brand, finds its place on the list of worst TV brands, despite having introduced several decent-quality TVs over the past decade. Unfortunately, its picture quality falls short when compared to the latest high dynamic range TVs, making it a choice, especially for those on a tight budget seeking a 4K TV.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • However, Sanyo’s importance has been marred by a few significant flaws that have frustrated TV owners. One of the most critical issues is the relatively short product lifespan, with many units experiencing problems soon after purchase.

  • To compound the issue, Sanyo does not offer repair services, leaving customers with limited options when their TVs malfunction.

  • Furthermore, Sanyo’s 4K TVs come with HDMI ports, but they operate at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which may not be ideal for high-end gaming consoles. While Sanyo TVs may appear attractive, a significant portion of its users have expressed dissatisfaction with the overall quality of this brand.

In summary, Sanyo’s poor picture quality, short product lifespan, and limited customer support have earned it a place among the worst TV brands. Users have also reported issues with black levels, ineffective local dimming, and restricted smart TV services when using Sanyo TVs.

5. Hisense H8 Series

Hisense, a well-known Chinese TV brand in the United States, finds its place on the list of worst TV brands, even though it offers budget-friendly choices for those seeking a 4K television.

Why it is the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • The Hisense H8 Series, while not perfect, has a few minor flaws that can be quite frustrating for users. The most significant issue is that the local dimming feature is entirely useless, impacting the overall picture quality.

  • Another drawback is the presence of only two HDMI 2.0 ports, which may not be very suitable for users with multiple devices to connect. Additionally, Hisense H8 Series TVs lack an edge-lit panel, which can affect the viewing experience.

  • Despite its attractive appearance, a significant number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the overall quality of this model.

In summary, Hisense, while offering budget-friendly 4K TVs, falls short in areas such as poor black levels, ineffective local dimming, limited smart television services, and a limited number of HDMI ports, earning its place among the worst TV brands.

6. Sceptre

Sceptre TV, a Chinese company, offers an impressively reasonable 4K TV with an attractive design and a commendable contrast ratio. It boasts several smart features, including voice control and Google Home integration, making it an intriguing option.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • However, there are some unique downsides to this TV. The image quality leaves something to be desired, and the smart features are somewhat underdeveloped. Furthermore, the sound volume is disappointingly weak.

  • One of the most significant drawbacks of Sceptre TVs is their poor viewing angle, which can be frustrating for viewers.

In summary, while Sceptre TV offers affordability and attractive features, it falls short in areas such as image quality, underdeveloped smart features, weak sound volume, and a severely limited viewing angle. These problems have contributed to its inclusion in the list of worst TV brands.

7. Hitachi

Hitachi TV, a famous Japanese television brand with a rich history, may come on our list of worst TV brands. While it isn’t completely terrible, it falls short of its importance.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • One of the positive aspects is its affordability. However, there are notable drawbacks to Hitachi TVs. The sound quality is lacking, and the picture quality is only mediocre. Users have reported problems with screen blinking, which can be frustrating.

  • Additionally, the smart features offered by Hitachi are limited, and the overall picture quality is mediocre at best. Customer feedback about after-sales service is also less than satisfactory.

In summary, Hitachi TVs may not be the worst, but they have their fair share of issues, including poor sound and picture quality, screen blinking problems, limited smart features, and mediocre after-sales services. These factors contribute to their inclusion in the list of worst TV brands.

8. FFalcon

FFalcon, another Chinese TV brand, has been found in the list of worst TV brands, offering budget-friendly 4K TVs. While it boasts an appealing design and attractive features, several significant drawbacks have landed it in this category.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • One of the most significant drawbacks of FFalcon TVs is their low contrast ratio, resulting in subpar picture quality. Additionally, they suffer from poor viewing angles and inaccurate color representation, which can affect the overall viewing experience. The features provided by FFalcon are also underwhelming.

  • Sound quality is another area where FFalcon disappoints. It lacks a robust sound system with sufficient bass, which can be frustrating for users seeking a more immersive audio experience.

Common issues reported by FFalcon TV users include poor color accuracy, low contrast ratio, limited and unimpressive features, and subpar viewing angles. These factors contribute to FFalcon’s inclusion in the list of worst TV brands.

9. Insignia:

Insignia finds itself on the list of worst TV brands to avoid due to several drawbacks in their 4K TVs. While there are some commendable features in Insignia’s smart TVs, there are also notable drawbacks that need addressing.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • One significant issue with Insignia TVs is the difficulty in navigating the settings. Users often find it challenging to locate and adjust settings, making the overall user experience less than ideal.

  • Additionally, the features in Insignia TVs are not very advanced, leading to complications when performing tasks like enabling subtitles on videos or movies. Moreover, these TVs offer limited HDR support, limiting their capability to deliver high-quality visuals.

Common issues associated with Insignia are that doesn’t meet expectations, mediocre sound quality, and the challenge of navigating complex settings. These factors contribute to Insignia’s inclusion in the list of worst TV brands in 2023.

10. Intex

Intex, a TV brand in 1996, has a 24-year history in the television industry. However, despite its relatively long presence in the market, Intex has been slow to adapt to new changes in its TV models and technologies.

Why is it the Worst TV Brand in India in 2023?

  • Initially identified for its mobile phones, Intex ventured into television manufacturing but failed to achieve the same level of popularity as other famous names in the industry.

  • The brand has struggled to garner favorable customer feedback and establish a strong reputation for quality. Furthermore, it has lagged in adopting the latest technological advancements.

Due to these factors, Intex earned its place on the list of worst TV brands in 2023. Its inability to keep pace with evolving consumer choices and technology trends has led to its negative ranking in the TV market.


The landscape of television brands in India has seen both innovation and competition. While there are numerous reputable and reliable TV brands offering advanced technology and excellent quality, it’s essential to be aware of the worst TV brands that may not live up to expectations.

Our list of the top 10 worst TV brands in India for 2023 is a cautionary guide for consumers. These brands, marked by issues like poor picture quality, limited features, subpar sound quality, and inadequate customer support, serve as a reminder to prioritize quality and research when making a TV purchase.

Investing in television is a significant decision, and it’s crucial to choose a brand known for delivering a satisfying viewing experience. By avoiding the worst TV brands and considering factors such as brand reputation, picture and sound quality, smart features, and customer feedback, consumers can make an informed choice and enjoy their TV for years to come.

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The cheapest TV brand currently available is TCL 4K 6-Series Google TV. It offers good contrast, color quality, and numerous features. For example, the 65-inch model is priced at less than $1,000.

Reliable TV brands typically include well-established names such as Samsung, Sony, and LG. These brands have a reputation for producing high-quality and durable televisions.

The two main TV resolutions in the market are 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD). Full HD offers good quality, while 4K provides a higher resolution for sharper and more detailed images.

Yes, TV brands are important when buying a TV. The brand you choose partly determines the TV’s price, quality, and other crucial factors. It’s advisable to compare various TV brands to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

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